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FastMedian is a plugin that performs the same filter as Nuke's own Median node, but in a much shorter render time. Depending on the image content, it will usually perform 6-9x faster. On certain images, the speed increase might be even more than 20x.

Furthermore, it seems to run more stable than Nuke's Median, which might freeze Nuke if the radius is set too high. This has never happend to me with FastMedian so far.

Note: The download package contains the binaries for different versions of Nuke and operating systems. If you're missing a specific combo and would like to compile the plugin for a different version of Nuke or another operating system, you can download the source code from GitHub.

Release notes:

  • Bug fix: FastMedian now previews correctly when the viewer is set to proxy mode or the downrez function is used.

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